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Belairdirect Insurance Company Canada

Belairdirect Insurance Company Canada

Belairdirect Insurance Company Canada

Belairdirect Insurance Company is the part of Intact insurance company which is one of the largest insurance company of the Canada. It was started more than 50 years ago in Canada. The company is famous for providing solutions for car and home insurance. The headquarters of the company is at Toronto. The company is also providing services in Quebec. In North America it was the first company to introduce on-line car insurance. The aim of the company is to bring innovation in every product. Now the company is providing every kind of insurance services on-line. One of the unique facility of the company is that their representatives can help you in English as well as French language.

Belairdirect Insurance Company


Reasons to Join Belairdirect Insurance Company

The motto of the company is to facilitate their customers by providing better services at competitive rates. In customer services the company has 5 star ratings and claim processing department is very active. There are following reason to join this company.
Time Saving

Everyone want to save time and it has become human nature. After doing job and other home stuff you are unable to spare some time to visit insurance company. Be seeing all these problem the company has introduced on-line insurance management. The company is providing following on-line services
• Availability of on-line chat with authorized insurance agent
• On-line claim processing
• You can get on-line quote and save it
• You can check and update your policy on-line


Money Saving

Insurance plans of the company are cheap and affordable. You can save your money by following things
• Facility of discount for on-line and offline insurance
• Special discount for multiple insurance
• Rewards for good driving habit and loyal customers
• Special rates for employees and program members

Better Services

To make their customers happy the company is providing efficient insurance services. They are maintaining better services by
• Providing best coverage
• Transparent insurance plans
• Quick action on call
• Availability of emergency helpline


How to get Insurance from Belairdirect
• You can get on-line insurance at http://www.belairdirect.com/
• You can also dial 1.888.280.8549