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Copyright Privacy

Copyright Privacy

If you think that content on this site impinge upon your copyrights and you are a copyright owner, you can submit a notice in accordance with Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Write to our elected agent as per the rules of U.S.C. Read 17 U.S.C. (c) (3) for further information.
•Electronic and physical signature of authorized to act for and on behalf of person(s) having sole right that is supposedly violating law.
•Identification by a single notice will cover if multiple copyright or a single copyright work claimed to be violated; list of representative who deals with such work should on the site.
•Sufficient information should be provided about the material that is claimed to violate the copyright law or to be the subject of violating this law and that is to be removed from the site or access to which material is to be disabled.
•Adequate information such as address, telephone number and email address should be provided to allow us to contact you.
•Copyright owner, its agent or the law is not authorized to complain about the statement that you think is used in the material in any other manner.
•You are authorized to act on behalf of copyright owner if the information in the statement or notification is accurate and under the consequence of plagiarism.

This site is protected by the copyright law; you cannot copy, transmit, distribute and modify the material apart from any use which is allowed by the copyright act 1968 and without the permission of copyright owner. If you want to use, save, local copy or print a copy of material from this site you are allowed only for personal use, make sure that copyright notice is not removed. You are not allowed to use or change the material on this site for any commercial exploitation. For example you cannot post or distribute the material from this site to any local internet site for your own commercial benefit, without the permission of copyright owner of this site. If you have any copyright issue related to any content on our website we would be pleased to remove that. You can contact us on our contact us page for this purpose.

You can link this site to the column or articles without damaging the reputation of InsuranceLovers.com by linking this with unethical sites or articles.
Please give us following information
Your name and email address.
Place of your infringed material on our website as well as on your website.
Submit your details through contact us form

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