Health Insurance for International Students in Germany

 Health Insurance for International Students in Germany:


The significance of student health insurance in Germany is twofold. It does not just guarantee you in circumstances needing clinical support, it is additionally a fundamental prerequisite to be allowed an examination visa for Germany. Therefore the law in Germany expects everybody to have medical coverage, including worldwide students.

While students joined up with degree programs are qualified to take general health insurance, students in preliminary or language courses and students having age more than  30 years old are needed to get private health care coverage plans.

If you are a student of age under 30, then you have to take a public  insurance plan, while if you are a student above 30 age then you are able of gaining private  insurance plans. International students from the following countries are not required to take health insurance plans in Germany because their home country insurance is valid in Germany too:

  • EU
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Iceland
  • Israel
  • Liechtenstein
  • Morocco
  • Macedonia
  • Montenegro
  • Norway
  • Switzerland
  • Serbia
  • Tunisia
  • Turkey

However, if an EU/EEA student is doing student work or doing a paid internship in Germany, they must be protected with a German public insurance coverage supplier. The following classifications are not qualified for the public German  insurance to avail:

  • Health-insured students in their nation of origin perceived in Germany.
  • Who are 30+ years old.
  • Consultants or independently employed persons.
  • Students not taking any degree programs in Germany (e.g: preliminary or language courses).
  • Post-graduate students and grant holders (without an agreement of work).
  • Visitor Scientists and Researchers.

What to do if you do not lie in the categories defined above?

The only option you have now is to get private health insurance with one of the private German student health insurance companies. While ,the insurance plan EDUCARE24 by a notable German health care coverage organization DR-WALTER is an ideal decision for every unfamiliar student. The advantages you get with EDUCARE24:

  • It meets all German examination visa necessities
  • Satisfactory by every German Embassy/Consulates
  • Autonomous of student status
  • Health insurance without a deductible
  • Simple to buy/get the approach on the web and accept your protection authentication just as the wide range of various archives you need for international safe havens and specialists in no time.

So, EDUCARE24 purchased in various blends which are customized to the requirements of:

  • Language students
  • Unfamiliar students
  • Visitor researchers and PhDs
  • Students/Trainees
  • Going with relatives

Hence, remember that health insurance is necessary to get a German student visa and to enroll in a German university.

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Student Health Insurance in Germany costs:

Health insurance for worldwide students costs from €103.94 – €111.75 each month with general health insurance companies, and it covers essential medical care just as long term care protection.

Public Health insurance commitments for 2020/21 are as per the following:

  • TK – Techniker Krankenkasse 105,80 € (€103.94 each month for students up to the age of 22)
  • AOK Baden Württemberg 107,29 €
  • Barmer 108,77 €
  • KKH – Kaufmännische Krankenkasse 111,75 €

However ,private health insurance companies in Germany’s costs begin at around €33 each month, and increment relying upon what additional administrations you decide on and regardless of whether your visit will be the year and a half or more.

Health Insurance for International students covers:

Students up to the age of 29 can get public insurance plan, for example, the legal health insurance store Techniker Krankenkasse. This  insurance supplier pays for your health-related issues for example costs of visits to specialists, treatment, medicine, screening examinations, recovery, and fundamental dental specialist medicines with the TK dental accomplices. For instance, if you need false teeth, TK just pays a piece of the total bill (after you have applied for TK funds).

Meanwhile, the GERMAN STUDENT INSURANCE (DR-WALTER) is a modified insurance plan for worldwide students in Germany. It is essentially reasonable and a  mutual-insurance program for both public and private  insurance services. Aside from offering both legal and private insurance services, there are additionally different benefits to German Student Insurance. Moreover, all authority bodies perceive this insurance arrangement as an evidence of German health insurance for your student visa application. Therefore, it results in a quick affirmation archive that you can use as confirmation of your health insurance.

Health Insurance Companies in Germany