Top 5 Car insurance companies in India

Car Insurance:

Car insurance assists you with getting moderate financial commitments that might emerge because of a heartbreaking occasion including your car like a street mishap, fire, burglary, normal catastrophes, and so on. However, according to the Indian Motor Tariff, each car proprietor is legitimately needed to host something like a third gathering car insurance cover for having the option to drive their car/vehicle on Indian streets. While, there are 25 insurance organizations in India that offer car insurance. Lets discuss about top 5 car insurance companies according to own damage claim settlement ratio and network of garages, which are as below:

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Own damage claim settlement ratio means ,the claim settlement ratio of an insurer is the quantity of claims settled against the quantity of claims documented: the higher the ratio, the better the insurer. While picking the insurer, you should check the claim settlement ratio.

Top 5 Car Insurance Companies in India with Own Damage Claim Settlement Ratio & Network Garages: IRDAI Approved:

Here is the table which gives you a better understanding about which is best car insurance companies:

Car insurance company name Car own damage settlement Ratio Network Of Garages
IFFCO Tokio General Insurance. 95.30% 4,300+
The Oriental Insurance Company 91.76% 3,100+
HDFC ERGO General Insurance 91.23% 6,800+
Tata AIG General Insurance. 90.49% 5,000+
Magma HDI General Insurance 79.60% 4,000+


IFFCO Tokio General Insurance:

Established in the year 2000,one of the best car insurance companies in India. IFFCO Tokio General Insurance is a joint endeavor between Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited (IFFCO) and Tokio Marine Group. Therefore,  world’s biggest fertilizers maker and the last is one of the biggest insurance bunches in Japan. IFFCO holds 51% in the organization though the excess 49% is held by the Tokio Marine Group. It is an overall insurance organization some of its insurance plans are:

  • Sells vehicle insurance plans,
  • Bike insurance plans,
  • Travel insurance plans,
  • Home insurance plans,

and corporate arrangements like property insurance and responsibility insurance.

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The Oriental Insurance Company

Established in 1947, the Oriental Insurance Company offers various health insurance items to its clients. The guarantor has its administrative center in New Delhi while more than 29 provincial workplaces and around 1,800 workplaces in various urban areas of the country. The backup plan likewise directs abroad tasks in Nepal, Dubai, and Kuwait. Health insurance plans offered by the safety net provider are reasonable for individuals living in provincial regions and metropolitan areas. Therefore, the guarantor has a wide organization of clinics where you can benefit from credit-only treatment without paying anything for the medicines covered under the approach. The guarantor offers moderate health insurance designs and is henceforth liked by many.

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HDFC ERGO General Insurance

The provisions and advantages of HDFC Ergo car insurance organization are:

  • HDFC ERGO has more than one crore policyholders which is a strong client base.
  • The organization offers you auto repair services. Company repairs your vehicle in just one evening. Moreover ,the company reaches your vehicle to your home.
  • The organization assists claim endorsements by 30 minutes utilizing on the web validation of QR codes, therefore, making claim settlements more helpful.
  • While ,HDFC ERGO has a tremendous organization of 6,800 carports that offer credit only assistance to make support work more advantageous. Therefore, HDFC ERGO is a charming car insurance decision because of its unmistakable application measure and different inclusion decisions.

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Tata AIG General Insurance

TATA AIG car insurance is a recognizable insurance company. Company is recognizable through its strong engine insurance designs, while the organization gives an assortment of additional items that assist you with growing the compass of inclusion. The organization’s claim settlement measure is basic and effortless. However, Some of its features are:

  1. quick application measure,
  2. mindful client service group,
  3. and motivating forces for introducing hostile to robbery gadgets in your vehicle.

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Magma HDI Insurance Company

Magma HDI General Insurance Co. Ltd. is a joint of  two companies Magma Fincorp Limited and HDI Global SE Company. However, it has an amazing case settlement proportion and offers a wide scope of car insurance intends to satisfy various individuals. Aside from health insurance plans, meanwhile it offers other insurance items like fire insurance plans, marine insurance, engine insurance, and so on The guarantor has a container India presence with more than 135 workplaces in various states. While, under its car insurance designs, the safety net provider offers wide inclusion against different significant car repair costs.

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